Team Awareness

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What is Team Awareness

Well to be honest we weren't sure what to call it and it may change but ‘Team Awareness' is about making your team, your staff, aware of your goals and vision for your business and hence the reason behind your marketing efforts.

We love true ‘leadership' and that's part of the reason behind our business name, Creative Leaders.  If you have a team of people working in your business, you are a leader (in fact if you have one small child, you are a leader 🙂 )  We believe we are all leaders in some capacity.  We all have things to teach others and we all have things to learn from others.

Be The Leader You Would Follow:

Be The Energy You Want To Attract

Be The Game Changer

We digress 🙂   Sort of!

If you are a small business owner with a team then you owe it to them and to your business to be a leader that inspires and motivates them.  The best way to do that is to share your vision for the business with them.  Let them know where they fit in to the bigger picture.  Let them know you value the contribution they make day in and day out.  Give them a reason to spring out of bed in the morning and come to work for you.

The benefit to your business of implementing ‘Team Awareness' should be at least somewhat obvious from the above but from a marketing perspective there are even further benefits.  A happy team member will sing your praises and will share your social media posts and will be proud to work for you.  We call this Employee Advocacy.   They will ‘go in to bat' for you.

There is nothing better than a team that works together for a common goal and the advancement of each other.

We can help you foster that type of working environment with your team.