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Where Are You Going? and Why Are You Going There?

Picture this…

You are going on a holiday… you are so excited to get going… the family is all packed and in the car… the only thing to do now is to punch the address into the GPS and hit the road.

Awesome!  Go ahead and do that now…

Wait!  What?

You don't know where you are going!!  How on earth is the GPS going to get you there then?  I know!.. maybe if you just start driving in that direction… and just hope that you don't end up at some dodgy camping ground!  Great plan!  (haha)

Hmm… interesting!

It's the same in business.  You can be all fired up and excited… all ready to go… you can have all the necessary tools at your finger tips!  BUT… if you don't have a vision, a final destination, or a tangible goal to reach… how are you going to create the road map to get there?  How are you going to know what to do next with any level of certainty?

You could run around in circles like a mouse looking for cheese and hoping for the best.  You could keep doing the day to day tasks, hoping that a bag full of money falls in your pocket one day.  Or… and seriously,  how many times have I heard this…  ‘we have to do the hard yards first and eventually it will all pay off‘.    Argh!

No, nope!  What will eventually pay off… is staying committed to your clear vision and staying the course to get there.  BUT before you do that, you have to plan the course.  BUT before you do that, you have to know where you want to end up at any point in time.  AND once you know that then you need to be clear on what your BIG WHY is.  Why are you doing this?  Why do you want to go there?  The real, underlying reason… because that is what will keep you going when things get tough.

We can show you how to crystallise your vision for your business.  We can help you get clear on your goals.  We can help you create a road map to get there and help you break it down into smaller achievable goals.  One step at a time is the way forward.  And we can help you step into and get really clear on why you are doing this.  This is the key to staying focussed, motivated and committed.

We want to see you succeed for the long term.  We want to see you create a legacy for generations to come.