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Passionate About Small Business

and why stop there… I am passionate about my family, my two boys, my friends, people who inspire me, personal development, freedom, God and life in general really.

But yes… I am definitely passionate about small business.  I admire the dedication and energy involved in being a small business owner.  I respect the courage and creative ‘out of the box' thinking it takes to be in business for yourself.   Small business owners are ‘my people'.

You might say small business is in my blood.  For as long as I can remember, my Dad has been a business owner in his local community and at almost 80 years old, he is still fronting up for work 5 days a week.  He still loves it.  He's my inspiration!

I have been a business owner in different capacities for 14 years so I am fully aware of the challenges it brings, not the least of which is marketing, reaching your ideal client, growing your business and increasing your income.

I have seen first hand how technology and social media have changed the way we do business.

I understand how time consuming it is.

You love what you do in your business and you just want more time to do more of that.

Hello… I am Sharon and this is my small business, Creative Leaders.

We LOVE modern day marketing. We love saving you time.  We love attracting more customers for you.  We love raising awareness of your business both online and in your community.

We are here for you and your business.  We offer a real, ‘no fuss', down to earth and perhaps even fun marketing experience.

Have a look around our website and get familiar with the approach we take to small business marketing.  We are sure you are going to be intrigued and if you would like to chat further about how we can support your marketing needs then please reach out to us today!

Sharon Smithers

(referrals to current and past clients available on request)